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New for 2019 – JUFC Development Squad

2019 Mini Roos Development Squad

In conjunction with our new friends from South West Football Academy (SWFA), JUFC will be starting 2 development squads for the 2019 season. There will be 1 team in the U9’s and 1 team in the U10’s. If this proves to work out well, we will expand the age groups in the 2020 season.

The development squad will be a team of higher that average skills and attitude, selected by professional football coaches to play at the highest levels in the football Brisbane competition in 2019. To get into the team, you will need to be selected during the trials for those age groups. (trial dates to be posted soon). As stated, it won’t be just about skill, it will also be about attitude toward training, games and your fellow team mates that the coaches will be looking for.

The development squad will receive weekly team training, as a team, from the coaches from SWFA, who will be working closely with the squad’s volunteer coach (who will take the team on game days) through the entire season and several weeks before the season starts.

There will be a development squad levy which we will need to apply to cover some of the costs involved. The cost will be an extra $100 for the season and will include a new JUFC Development Team training shirt that the kids will be required to wear to all Development Training sessions as well as to their weekly games.

You will be unable to ask to be placed into the development squad, your child will need to be selected during the trials, so make sure that you keep your eyes peeled on the JUFC Facebook page for the trial dates that will be out soon.

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