The Team

Our U11 teams consist of a minimum of 9 players up to a maximum of 13 players. Wherever possible we will place friends together in the same team. If your son / daughter wishes to play with their friends please let us know as soon as possible. 

The team will require a team coach and a team manager. If you are interested in helping out with either of these roles, please let us know. 

Game Day

On game day the teams will consist of 9 players (including a goalkeeper) on the field at any one time. Games are played with 2 x  25 minute halves. The Under 11 players play with a size 4 ball. They play on a 65m by 45m size field with 5m x 2m goal. A penalty area of 5m deep and 12m wide is used.

This age group has throw-ins if the ball crosses the sideline. Corner kicks are also taken in the Under 11 MiniRoos. There are no offside rules however players that are blatantly offside should be encouraged by the game leader into onside positions.

As we are part of the Football Brisbane competition, games will be Saturday mornings either at home or away at another local club.


  • There are 18 games in the season (weather permitting)
  • First game of the season is Saturday 21st April 2018
  • Last game of the season will be Saturday 8th September 2018
  • There are no games during the school holidays – 3 week break June/July holidays.

Fees for the U11’s are $350.

Registration fees for the season include:

  • Football Australia Fees
  • Football Queensland Fees
  • Football Brisbane Fees
  • Professional skills based training once a fortnight by the Strikers Academy coaches.  
  • End of year presentation with trophy
  • All insurance coverage
  • Contribution to operating costs
  • Ref’s fees
  • Any weekly game fees

There are no weekly game fees at JUFC


  • The U11’s have been allocated Tuesday and Thursdays Nights 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm
  • Tuesday nights is the primary training night. Thursday night is only if the team wishes to have a second night during the week. 
  • Every 2nd Tuesday night will be allocated to the professional skills training supplied by the Strikers academy coaches.  
  • Training has not yet started but will begin in early March 2018

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